Happy Halloween Y’all – I Made a Deal With the Devil & More….

Happy Halloween Y’all!

Hold out your virtual goodie bags and plastic pumpkins. If you don’t have either of those a Wal Mart sack will do just fine.

Alrighty, here you go.        Did you hear that plunk? That was your King Size Butterfinger baby!



Don’t fret, if you don’t like  Butterfingers you can trade it for a poisoned apple later. :)

 I Made a Deal with the Devil

Yep. I released SMOKE FREE today and signed her up with Kindle Unlimited. SMOKE FREE is a creepy little short story I wrote last night. [ Blasted insomnia.]

If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber go get your free copy. If not, hold out your bag-

Here is a virtual dollar.  Run and buy a copy.$



Whoa Nellie! I’ve got Another Treat (or two) for You

The For your Eyes Only Halloween Cover

(Because I Didn’t Make It To Press In Time– Maybe Next Year)


Last But Not Least – A Little Poem For the Occasion

From the Corner

Translucent shadows do I spy
From the corner of my eye
They’re only spirits passing by
Try and stop them? No, not I …
I know their realm too well

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween Everyone!!

And Try to Stay SMOKE FREE.  Bwa-ha-ha


This Day In History

This may be why I can’t get anything done.

I was doing a little research and got sidetracked. It happens.
According to HistoryOrb on October 29, 1988 China announced a herbal male contraceptive. Ironically (is that irony?) I was urr-umm [Kids cover your ears] – conceiving.
Apparently the papaya seeds were not a big hit.
So now, it is one of those mornings where research turns into reflection.

Although we have three other children, this is the baby, the caboose, the one made on this day in history and I can’t help but ponder.

Where did the years go… James A. Hill
Why won’t he let me rock him to sleep any more… James Polaris shot4

or comb his hair… Baby boy blushes so easilyor at least find him a wife so he doesn’t have to live alone…