Accidental Ghosts

23 Jul
Accidental Ghosts or just double exposure?
 Film vs. digital



A Day In Pictures

16 Jul

You may [or may not] have noticed that I am still Out to Lunch but here are a few shots of how I’m spending my time. I’d like to tell you I’m working on an important writing project but you’d probably know I was lying.

:) Hope everyone is having a fabulous July.

2000 Something (Then & Now)

9 Jul

What a difference a day makes (give or take a few thousand).

A bit more mature than 1980 something. ;)

1980 Something

2 Jul
July 2nd 19840001

Thirty years ago.

Thanks for marrying me despite the orange hair and the stench of Long Island Tea. ;)

Happy Anniversary Mr. Hill!

P.S. Where is my floral shower curtain with the matching window dressings???




Wordless Wednesday

25 Jun

soccer dad


Wordless Wednesday

18 Jun

Wordless Wednesday

11 Jun

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